September through May nursery care is available for very young children, but Sunday School is available for Pre-K through sixth grade. Their sessions occur during the regular church service in the nearby Great Room, called Naumann Hall.  Motivated teachers enjoy sharing Bible stories and doing activities with the class.  The students learn the foundations of Christianity and enjoy showing off their arts & crafts afterwards.  For any children staying in the adult service, books and crayons are available near the church doors to help keep the tykes engaged. The Sunday School and Youth Group members are extremely engaged when they present a youth service every few months.  Young people greet attendees, read the readings, deliver the message, and help with music.  It’s enjoyed almost as much as occasional inter-generational activities, during which people of all ages are happy to discuss and work together on a project.  They learn about God together.

Occasionally there will be an inter-generational activity during coffee hour following Sunday worship. We get together to learn about a church season, holiday, or ministry. During these special activities people of all ages are happy to learn and work together on a project that brings them closer to each other and to God. In past years projects included building an Easter Garden and building a prayer for Advent while making gifts for the guests at our monthly Community Meal.