In October 2016 Tim Kurth and Udaya Bhatta of ServLife International visited Church of the Good Shepherd and shared good news. Their presentation shed light on the progress Servlife is making planting churches, caring for children, and fighting poverty in Nepal.

Thingan, the first village Church of the Good Shepherd supported with a micro-loan through ServLife’s Hope Fund Program in 2010, is doing remarkably well. 36 of the 42 eligible families in Thingan have received loans and 100% of those loans have been paid back. The community income has increased enough that some families can send their children to school and the village now has electricity.

Kalyan, the second village we supported through ServLife’s microloan program in 2013 is on track to do equally well.

Guests of the presentation were enthusiastic to help another village. The Vestry approved the plan for our church to give a collective gift to ServLife. Church of the Good Shepherd parishioners donated about $2,000, enough money to fund a third village’s micro loan program. Servlife was the recipient of a matching grant fund during October 2016, effectively doubling the money raised by Good Shepherd.

So what began as the seemingly random choice of a book in the spring of 2009 turned into a continuing relationship between Servlife International and Church of the Good Shepherd. Truly an example that “God, working through us, can do infinitely more than we could ask for or imagine.”

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