Tickets available Presale through Good Shepherd Parishioners

Tickets available Presale through EMAIL


    2.) In the Give to select Shrimp Fry (MUST)

    3.) In the Note/Memo field put number of meals and type of meal.

        E.g.S= Shrimp meal V = Vegetarian Meal K = Kids Meal e.g. 2S 2K 1V would be 2 Shrimp diner, 2 Kids meals and one Vegetarian meal. Amount equals $42.00.

        Also, In the Note/Memo field put “Hold at the door” or “Send by USPS”. Anything after March 10, 2018 must be “Hold at the door”. 

    4.) Cover card processing fess? click the circle to make it green.(MUST)

    5.) If the memo is “Hold at the door”, we well the send you an email with  you ticket numbers. Present a copy of the email at the door to receive  your tickets. If the memo is “Send by 

         USPS” we well snail mail the  tickets to you to you.


Tickets available night of the Dinner at the door. 23599 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst, OH 44122-1065