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The youth group is comprised of Middle School and young High School students. They worship with adults on Sunday, and meet together on Thursday evenings. Some adults also attend each Thursday, while other adult teacher volunteers take turns. This way the youth have stability but also benefit from learning from a variety of mentors. Their curriculum this year focuses on Choosing Jesus, building a relationship with Him, and also on how to live a Christian life in the modern world. 

Since 1999, a traditional highlight each year is raising money for World Vision through sponsorships for the 30-Hour Famine .It is an educational/social service project that brings our youth together with youth from all over the country.

Youth participate in church organized family service projects and faith building events throughout the year that are organized by the Diocese of Ohio for youth.

Children and youth lead worship several times a year. Young people volunteer to greet, read the readings, deliver the message, help with music and cover all the “jobs” adults usually have on Sunday mornings. It’s enjoyed almost as much as the occasional inter-generational activities, during which people of all ages are happy to learn and work together on a project. 

This year, youth group members discovered a unanimous love of ice cream, so the group makes monthly pilgrimages to local ice cream shops. Who says Church can’t be fun?

Youth Group Events: