Dear Friends in Christ,

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday. While every time we pray we pray to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, this week we especially honor the mysterious three-fold nature of God. As we discuss this classic doctrinal belief, it may be helpful to spend some time contemplating what the Holy Trinity has meant to you.

I’d recommend the Nicene Creed as a good gateway toward thought about this, as each paragraph of it offers “we believe” statements about the three persons of the Trinity.

Some questions to ponder could be: How do I make sense out of one God present in three persons? Is there one person of the Trinity with whom I feel especially close? Have different persons been more important to me during different seasons of life?

Say a different prayer to each of the different persons, perhaps in thanksgiving to the Father for creating us and the world we live in, to the Son for dying to forgive us, and to the Holy Spirit for reviving our souls and guiding us. After this also say a prayer to the Trinity as a whole, remembering that together they share the same divine essence.

And if the Trinity seems confusing to you, then you’re in good company. It has baffled plenty of very pious Christians for 2,000 years. With faith we hold the belief that it is true even when we struggle to make sense of it.


Father Steve

This Sunday’s Lessons: