2023 First Quarter Lectors

Lectors offer the Lectionary Readings (Old Testament; Psalm; New Testament) and Prayers of the People during the Sunday morning service.

January 8          Pam Lieser,  Shannon Kootsouradis
January 15       Renee Kress,  Gayle Theisson
January 22        Joanne Laessig,  Greg Miscko
January 29        Janjay Bass,  Carol Diedrichs-Himes
February 5       Nancy Schuman, Barb Daley
February 12     Alana Hill, Pete Church
February 19     Laurie Feltham, Janjay Bass
February 26    Pam Lieser, Shannon Kootsouradis
March 5    ` Renee Kress, Gayle Thiesson
March 12       Joanne Laessig, Greg Miscko
March 19     Carol Diedrichs-Himes, Nancy Schuman
March 26    ` Barb Daley, Alana Hill

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers are worship leaders who assist in serving the Eucharist.

Eucharistic Ministers are: Bill Kress, Janjay Bass, Laurie Feltham, Malcolm Williams, Marsha Thomas
January 8 (Morning Prayer)    Malcolm Williams
January 15:       Laurie Feltham
January 22:      Marsha Thomas
January 29:       Janjay Bass
February 5 (Morning Prayer)     Bill Kress
February 12:   Janjay Bass
February 19: (Morning Prayer)    Laurie Feltham
February 26:     Malcolm Williams
March 5: (Morning Prayer)     Janjay Bass
March 12:      Bill Kress
March 19: (Morning Prayer)    Marsha Thomas March 26: Laurie Feltham

First Quarter Coffee Hour

After worship, all are invited to Naumann Hall to share in fellowship.

January 8: Alana Hill 
January 15: Barb Daley         
January 22: Renee Kress       
January 29: Nikki Knox       
February 5: Julia Geddes/Sandra Spinello     
February 12: Lydia Ford    
February 19: Greg Mischko 
February 26: Alana Hill  
March 5: Barb Daley  
March 12: Renee Kress     
March 19: Nikki Knox    
March 26: Julia Geddes/Sandra Spinello